Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DIY lampshade using an antique lace tablecloth!

If you remember, my daughter and I went on a junking excursion a while back and a couple of things we bought that day was an old lamp skeleton, bought "as is", and an old satin skirt that I bought for the fabric. I have seen so many cute DIY lampshades on Pinterest , I decided to give it a shot and thought these would be perfect for the project. I had the beautiful antique lace table cloth and I've already gotten a few projects made using that, but I thought it would make a lovely lampshade cover, especially at night when the lamp is turned on.

This is how the shade looked when I bought it, someone tacked a piece of lace to the top and called it a day!

This skirt was $12.00 but I think I can find a few good uses for it.

I don't even recall where and when I bought this table cloth, it was damaged in the middle but I knew there was enough to salvage for a few projects. I just loved the color and the intricate lace design.

I cut the table cloth a couple of inches taller than the shade and started pinning it in place, I would put a few pins along the bottom and then gather it up at the top and stick a few pins there. Pulling it as tight as I could so there wouldn't be any slack, I did that all the way around, gathering as I went.

Once I got it all pinned, I made a few adjustments here and there until I got it the way I wanted it and then started hand stitching it using embroidery floss the same color as the lace. I started at the bottom and once that was done I moved to the top.

It really wasn't hard at all to coerce the fabric without making it look pulled or puckered.

I made this flower using the silk fabric from the skirt, I thought it needed a little embellishment:)
And the lamp that I am displaying it on is too small, I'm just using it to show how the shade looks when it's done.

I'm not happy with this brooch that I used for the pictures but I was so anxious to share. Ideally I would like to find an antique brooch, I guess that's another shopping trip:)

I found an old brooch for the lampshade and I also coffee stained the flower because it was just too new and white looking.

 It looks much better and is for sale at Alter's Relics Design Studio in Barberton, Ohio.

Isn't it lovely when the light is on showing all the intricate lace design? I love it.

I wish I could keep it, my firsts are always better than my seconds or thirds, for some reason, I always do better my first go around. 

So, what do you think?

I bought two lampshades that day and the majority of the silk skirt will be used for that one. I have it all sewn on the shade frame, just don't know how to embellish it yet. I need to make another junking trip!


  1. I am so in love with that lamp! Rhonda, you could sell that for big bucks in some of those exclusive little shops. It's intricate and gorgeous!


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