Friday, January 29, 2016

Information on my Entertainment center

We've ordered our new piece of furniture for the master bedroom, the one needed to hold a TV and some clothes and I'm so excited about it. I loved the idea of customizing a piece so you know it's going to be exactly what you want and need. I'd looked and looked for used pieces of furniture that would work but I just wasn't successful.

I really didn't want to spend the money on a custom piece but sometimes you want something to be just right. I knew I wanted to unload one of my dressers in the master bedroom, that's why I wanted a large piece that would be multi-functional. And even though I spent more than I wanted, it still cost considerably less than a piece this big at any traditional furniture store, and I will have this furniture for a long time.

If you follow my blog you'll know that I am having the piece built by my favorite furniture builder, Dog Eared Primitives. And I have two pieces of furniture that get a lot of attention from my readers. So I thought I would feature them in this post.

This is the corner cupboard that we bought several years ago.

And our entertainment center, we bought it about four years ago and have gotten a lot of inquiries about it.  It's actually three pieces, each are 36" wide and 6' tall. It spans 9 feet along the long wall in the great room. I wanted something that would utilize that whole space, and  I got that and so much more! It has storage galore and I just fell in love with the old doors.

 Both were built by Dog Eared Primitives, but we bought them in a little shop in Shipshewana, IN called "Thankful Heart", he sells a lot of furniture to them.

The gentleman who builds this furniture has a shop in Angola, IN and an antique store called "Homestead Antique Mall". I'm not sure where his workshop is, where he makes his furniture, but he sells it inside of the mall.

He also does shows and there is a list of the towns and dates on their website. He also has a warehouse that you can visit by appointment only.

His furniture is super primitive, his designs, his finishes, everything he does makes these look like authentic primitive antiques. If you love the grungy, purist primitive look, you will love all of his furniture. But if you don't want that look you can order it unfinished and finish it yourself. What I love about this furniture though, is that they can easily be transformed into the country "farmhouse" look just by painting it white.

They were really easy to work with and he can build any configuration you can think of. He uses old doors in his designs if the piece calls for a door.

When we bought our corner cupboard and entertainment center they were painted as you see these pieces, but I painted them white myself. On our new piece I thought about asking him to leave it unfinished since I was going to paint it anyway, but I loved the texture his finishes gave my pieces after I'd painted them, so I ordered it finished.

Here's what my corner cupboard and entertainment center looked like when we bought them..........



Sorry about the quality of this picture, I took it in the Thankful Heart shop, in a hurry thinking I wasn't suppose to be taking pictures of the furniture!

Here is an example of just some of his furniture:

Check out their website here
And visit their antique mall in Angola, IN
It's right of I-80

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