This was my first mural ever, I was a little heavy handed with the paint but my client loved it! Her home was filled with beautiful primitive antiques and the colors in this mural complimented the colors she had in her home.

This mural was the second one I had ever painted in this style. My client wanted a Rufus Porter style mural painted in her foyer. The colors I used were the colors of her choice.

The same person I painted my first mural for (as shown above) wanted me to come back and paint one wall in her master bedroom. I was now getting the hang of it!

I painted this mural room for my grand baby, my daughter wanted it gender friendly since we didn't know that baby would be our wonderful Paige Marie!
I used the bedding for my inspiration for this mural.

This brightly colored room belongs to Paige now, she was such a "colorful" little girl and we wanted the room to reflect that. The artwork hanging behind her bed was her own creation at the age of 3.

This mural belongs to my grandson, Derek, he is Paige's little brother. Derek was a HUGE monster truck fan and his favorite was Blue Thunder!

Another mural painted for a grand daughter, Ryen, her room was very tiny so we needed to spruce it up a bit!

This mural was painted in the style of John Lennon's art titled "Real Love"
 I painted it for an infant baby boy's room whose parents were huge John Lennon fans!

Our basement
I wanted to paint something creative in this house so I decided to paint the basement to look like an old pub, making it look like plaster and brick. This project was fun to do so I went a little crazy! I wanted to pay homage to our wonderful home state of Iowa on the back wall. It's a window overlooking the dirt roads and cornfields. 


  1. Anonymous12:03:00 AM

    I just found your site and love your murals and everything else!!! You are one talented lady! Thank you for sharing your skills, talent and story. I'm not really anonymous, just don't have a blog.

    Anne Nonymous

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment!


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